Member Comments: Everything went as planned. The front steps are beautiful and will last longer than the house probably will! The work lasted 1.5 days and Louie was on site regularly to check on progress. He addressed any concern or question I had. As a side note, Louie told us that he did the retaining wall in our garden when the house was first built in 1969. That wall is still standing, like new, without a single crack in it.

Member Comments: The work was outstanding. Price was excellent. Louie Bonanno was a pleasure to deal with and his workers were punctual, professional and polite. My neighbor remarked on the politeness of the workers. The job was completed very quickly and the craftsmanship was outstanding. The finished result is beautiful. I highly recommend this company.

Member Comments: I called Louie Bonanno on July 14 and he said he would give a call on the the 15th to set up a time to look over the job. As promised, he called me the next day and we met to get an estimate for the project. His efficiency and professionalism were evident. His estimate was reasonable. He has 15 workers so he can do several jobs at the same time. Due to the stairs being in such sad shape he committed to start the job on the 17th of July. He said his firm would arrive somewhat before 8AM on that day. The stairs would be built with brick risers/sides and granite stairs and platform. He suggested granite as opposed to bluestone because it resists salt and retains its color better. The price for bluestone or granite would be the same. The job promptly started at 8AM that day and was completely finished by 2:30PM. The finished product was excellent because the construction crew were very skilled. The project was finished so quickly because there were 3 to 4 workers involved at all times. You could tell that they worked together a lot because they knew how to support one another, which kept the project going smoothly. This was accomplished despite it was above 90 degrees, humid and in full sun the whole time. The clean-up was 99% effective. I had to rake a small portion of the lawn to remove a very small amount of debris which the workers could not see. In a nutshell, I would hire this firm in a heartbeat.