About our company

a few words about us

image_3We have over 40 years of experience.

Louie Bonanno – Founder and Partner
Mr. Bonanno founded Bonanno Construction in 1968 after arriving from Italy in 1967. Although speaking little English at the time his pride and craftsmanship were able to bring the company forward. Through the years his honesty and higher standards of quality have earned him the respect of his peers and competitors alike. Mr. Bonanno is the backbone of the company and is still involved in the day to day operations. He still mentors many of the younger masons, on the crew giving them valuable knowledge that only he can. Louie Bonanno is very proud of his company and how his sons have taken it and made it a complete one stop shopping for all your outdoor living needs.

Tino Bonanno – Son and Partner
Tino started working with his dad at a very young age and developed an interest for the masonry field. Most days his after school activities included mixing mortar and lugging bricks. At the age of 17 Tino was working as a master mason laying brick block and stone alongside some of the elder masons. He followed this with a degree in building construction and a certificate in drafting. Tino is also a Ma. Licensed contractor you will find him on most sites directing and coordinating his crew as well as working alongside of them.

Robert Bonanno – Son and Partner
Bobby was the younger son and was always enamoured with trucks and machinery. He was able to translate this in to valuable skills in operating all our equipment in a manner that is unmatched in our industry. His skills in this field have made our company into a well oiled machine. Also his masonry abilities in laying all our pavers materials and retaining walls are unmatched. All of the skills of all three men combined has given Bonanno Construction a leg up on the competition.

what we offer

Masonry Services

We work with masonry materials piece by piece. Cultured stone and everything in between.

Driveway Paving

Bonanno strives for 100% Customer Satisfaction on all jobs ranging from all different sizes. We provide commercial and residential paving services.

Hardscape Services

We specialize in many services to keep you yard and the outside of your property in beautiful shape that will please anyone.


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